Chapter 8. Contact us

8.1. Technical support

    We provide registered users with free technical support. We suggest you read help document firstly or visit our technical web site to acquire the up-to-date help documents, experience and policy configurations. If you can not handle your problems in the ways above, please contact with our technicians. Be sure the following ways are tried:

  1. Upgrade the up-to-date version.
  2. Submit a specific description on the problem.
  3. Submit the current network topology and monitoring mode.
  4. Submit versions of the OS and Active Wall.
  5. Try to tell us your problem as specifically as possible.

8.2. Advice and Suggestions

    Please send us any advice and suggestions which are good for the software improvement. We are glad to get any feedback information from registered or unregistered users. We thank all the advice and suggestions including Bugs, user experiences and remarks. With full heart, we also thank all the friends who used to send us e-mails or mails, not matter they are compliments or criticism.

8.3. Contact

Company: Active Network CO., Ltd

Telephone: +86 5782519007

Fax: +86 5782536303

Post code: 323000

Address: No.242, Dengta Street, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, China

Web site:


Support BBS:

Active Network CO., Ltd