Chapter 6. Upgrade and Registration

6.1. Upgrade online

    Press menu [Help/Update Online], the software automatically connects the update server and checks new version information. When it gets new version information, it will download:

    The software maybe restarts to use the newest version.

6.2. Registration

    Press menu [Help/Register Info], it shows a [Register] dialog. Unregistered user can read a serial number generated by the software automatically. Registered user can read user name, serial number, license number and register code.

    Anyone who wants to purchase licenses, please contact with the local agents or our company directly. After registering a formal user, you can do the following:

  1. Encourage the author and improve the new version.
  2. Authenticated to use all the functions of the software.
  3. Use technological support and help from our company by Email, telephone, fax and so on.
  4. For commercial use or other use.
  5. Get user identification information and the other high-level functions.

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