Chapter 2 Product introduction

2.1. Overview

    What's the <Active Wall>? It's a professional network monitoring and filtering software, which supports all kinds of network topology. It can be used without installing any client applications. It can log all the communication activities of computers in LAN, including emails, web-surfing, FTP file transferring, and the instant messenger chatting. It can control all the users in LAN to visit the defined network resources by the defined rules.
    By the use of the most up-to-date network technology, <Active Wall> can monitor and authenticate all the network communications in LAN. The main features are shown below:

  1. User authentication:
    Only the correct account and password can enable the user to access the Internet. <Active Wall> supports various authentication ways.
  2. Time filtering:
    <Active Wall> sets different time sections for different groups to access Internet in different time period.
  3. Port filtering:
    Enable or disable ports will control the users to access Internet services. <Active Wall> can effectively block the online games, chat, video or audio services which do not match the office work by port filtering.
  4. Bandwidth control:
    <Active Wall> can control the flow rate of a user or a group, and set the maximum bytes which a user or a group can use in a day. This can save the band width resource and prevent some users from using high bandwidth consume applications, such as P2P tools.
  5. Real-time flow rate statistics:
    <Active Wall> can demonstrate the current statistics of flow rate in various protocols, which network blocks or protocols usages.
  6. MAC filtering:
    All the computers in LAN can be bind with MAC and IP address. <Active Wall> can prevent the IP address illegal usages by using MAC filtering.
  7. IP filtering:
    By setting up a blacklist, <Active Wall> can help the administrators filter and block defined IP addresses from the outside. Therefore, the users in LAN will not be able to visit the sites or hosts in the IP blacklist.
  8. DNS filtering:
    <Active Wall> can filter the DNS requests from the users in LAN, in order to block the DNS names used for pornography, gambling, games, etc.
  9. HTTP filtering:
    By setting up a series of rules about URL, web content, post keyword or upload file, <Active Wall> can filter the web surfing from all users in LAN. Meanwhile, it can log all webs the user has visited, in case that the administrator can check them in some other day.
  10. SMTP filtering:
    <Active Wall> can filter all the users' emails sent by the rules of subject, mail body, from address, to address, attachment and mail size. Meanwhile it can log the emails in order to provide the business data loss or betray with evidence.
  11. POP3 filtering:
    <Active Wall> can filter all the users' emails received by the rules of subject, mail body, from address, to address, attachment and mail size. Meanwhile it can log the emails in order to provide the business data loss or betray with evidence.
  12. IM filtering:
    <Active Wall> can monitor all kinds of Instant Messenger applications, Internet chat tools and P2P tools.
  13. FTP filtering:
    <Active Wall> can filter the file upload or download through FTP protocols and logs the files transferred.
  14. HTTPS filtering:
    <Active Wall> can filter the https protocol by IP address, server side certificate, SSL version and deny https tunnel.
  15. Proxy redirect:
    <Active Wall> can build up a transparent proxy service with general proxy servers. This can enable the gateway anti-virus or anti-spam emails.
  16. Log output:
    <Active Wall> can save the entire network monitoring statistics and the alarm information in define folders.
  17. Email alerts:
    By setting a keyword, <Active Wall> can send email alerts informing users about various events.
  18. Message alerts:
    By setting a keyword, <Active Wall> can transmit some messages to the administrating computer when the key event happens.
  19. Log database:
    <Active Wall> can save the entire network monitoring statistics and the alarm information into a database, for the convenience of administration.

2.2. System features

  1. Stronger filter engines
    <Active Wall> uses the middle layer drivers developed independently as the filter engines, which are more low-leveled than other software which uses WinPCap. Because WinPCap is a protocol-type driver, it can only monitor but not block. The other software which uses WinPCap can only block TCP communications, but cannot block UDP, ICMP, IGMP data packets. It has been proved that <Active Wall> is more stable, correct and effective after working online for a long time.
  2. More monitoring modes
    Most similar software support the only one mode- Passby monitoring mode. Besides the Passby mode, <Active Wall> supports more modes including Gateway mode, Bridge mode and Single mode. It is recommended that the users should use the Gateway mode or the Bridge mode. When using the Passby mode, <Active Wall> can only block TCP data packets for the limit of the network topology. However, the Gateway mode or the Bridge mode enables the <Active Wall> to block all kinds of data packets.
  3. Better system performance
    Based on the most optimized algorithm in the filter module, <Active Wall> has better system performance than the other similar software does. <Active Wall> can support 10,000 computers surfing on net in a time. It can process over 100M packets flow rate.
  4. More flexible monitoring configuration
    There are more and more configurations about the web content examinations in <Active Wall>. For example, the HTTP filters enable the administrators to filter the URL, web content, post keyword, upload file and content size. The POP3/SMTP filters can filter the from address, to address, subject, mail body, attachment and mail size. At the same time, a wildcard function is invited to help the administrators with more flexible filtering.
  5. More detailed logs
    <Active Wall> not only logs the URL, mail subject of the users in LAN, but also saves the web contents, submit files, upload files and emails if needed. The copies saved will enable you to investigate the business privacy revelations.(simplified Chinese version only)
  6. Intelligent upgrade
    Similar to the anti-virus software, <Active Wall> enables automatic check for new versions on the website. Whenever a new version is detected, is download and installation is offered. And you do not need to restart the computer after the upgrade because the new version works immediately.

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