Chapter 1 Preface

1.1. Version introduction

This manual is for Active Wall V2.0

1.2. User

This manual is for the following users:

1.3. Rules in the manual

General format

Font format


Times New Roman

The main text and the first-class captions.

Arial Bold

The other captions except the first-class captions.

Courier New Italic

Notes or tips which are separated from the main text by rectangle frames.

Graphical format

Graph format



A button name, for example: "Press the button <OK>".


A window/dialog name, a menu item name, a database name, a plug-in name or a defined string, for example: "Show the window [New user]".


A hierarchical menu is separated by "/", for example: "[File/New/Folder]" means one of the [File] menu items is [New], one of the [New] menu items is [Folder].

Keyboard mapping

Keyboard mapping



A key name, for example: "<Enter> means the Enter key. <Tab> means the tab key. <Backspace> means the backspace key and <a> means a lowercase <a> key".

<Key 1+Key 2>

Press several keys on the keyboard at the same time, for example, <Ctrl+Alt+A> means to press <Ctrl>, <Alt>, <A> at the same time.

<Key 1, Key2>

Firstly press Key 1 down and release. Secondly press Key 2. For example, <Alt, F> means to press <Alt> and release, then to press <F>.

Mouse rules

Mouse action



Press down a mouse button quickly and release it.

Double click

Repeat the click action twice in a hurry.

Drag drop

Move the mouse while keeping one mouse button pressed down, and then release it.


Some signs are used to inform the users to pay more attention to some operations:

Note: warn the user of the events which should be care.
Tip: some additional information about the current operation.

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