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Please choose between several free and commercial distributions of blacklists on the net.

  • iSAKdmozlists
    Generated iSAKdmozlists. You can generate the dmozlists by yourself with the lastest ODP dumps. Freely available.
    Commercial lists; well above 2.000.000 entries. Updated regularly.
  • MESD blacklists
    They are freely available.
  • Shalla's Blacklists
    Free for non commercial/privat use; commercial usage requires a feedback contract at no additional costs; More than 1.5 million entries. Updated regularly.
  • Université Toulouse blacklist collection
    Several categories maintained by Fabrice Prigent. Updated regularly. Freely available.

How to import blacklists to Active Wall?

  • Download blacklists on the net and rename the blacklists file to "blacklists.tar.gz".
  • Download ImportBL.exe and save it to "C:\Program Files\AWall\".
  • Run "ImportBL.exe", select the blacklists file and the plugin module which you want to import. Click button <Import>.
  • Restart Active Wall and config the new categories in plugin [HTTP Filter] or [DNS Filter].
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